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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting Better!!

Horray, I am getting so much better that I can now sit in front of my monitor and actually write. Such joy there is in being able to do things I took for granted a few weeks ago. I can pop on my brace is one easy sweep and hobble without my walker into the art room. In the mean time, I am looking at every thing I can to stimulate my poor drugged brain. I get a kick out of the idea that I can look at an art magazine today and again in 2 days and not remember what I saw before. My brain hasn't taken anasetic kindly. And, to top it all off, I am loseing handfulls of hair. I can almost see my scalp thru the new hair that is growing in. Me and drugs just aren't compatable. I will be bald and creating art in a couple weeks and be so very, very happy to be there.

In the past few weeks I have come to realize why I don't watch TV. Is it me or are the programs just truly awful? How many reality shows are there on TV now? And, who can possible watch all of them? I much prefer tearing up paper and playing with stamps to trying to figure out TV.

I need to head off and mount some of my new stamps. I got crazy and joined the "Club Scrap" group and have received the most impressive papers and stamps each month. It is almost like having a day a month of Christmas. The quality of the paper is amazing. Perfect for making books and cards. Talk about having some fun!

Do enjoy the later days of summer. They come and go quickly and leave us with cold rain and lots of mud.


Monday, August 17, 2009

What a ride this has been.

I entered the hospital on Jul.7th for the front approach to my surgery. That went very well except that my potassium bottomed out and they had to postpone the second surgery for two weeks. I reentered another hospital on the 22 of July for the posterior approach to my surgery. That was wicked. What a wild ride that took me on. I became very confused from all the different medications I had and don't remember a thing for 5 days. I kind of came to in a skilled nursing facility. Lucky for me it was one ran by a very dear friend of mine so I have no complaints about the care..........the food is awful. Don't eat it. At some point in my 2 week stay I convinced them that I would starve to death if I wasn't discharged home. Not far off, I dropped 40# in that few weeks.
Now, I am finally home and a long way from healed but doing a bang up job on healing. I wear a brace any time I am out of bed and have to walk with a walker. I have a 16in. scare on my back but my back is stronger than it ever has been. I have about 76% less pain than I had before the surgery too.
I will have to build a shrine to my surgeon..........what a miracle worker he is. I feel so very lucky.
I am hoping to get back to some blogging and creating in another couple weeks. Until then it will be pretty hit and miss for me since I can't sit for very long yet.
I am so glad to be back!