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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Too Long.

I have been up to my ears with a sore back and not feeling as well as I feel I should. I haven't been able to concentrate on blogging or much of any thing else. I'm not depressed, just feel down. Hopefully this feeling will subside quickly and I can get on with my life.
I bought a new Dell computer last night. I paid $550 for the computer and monitor. It wasn't that long ago when I paid $3000 for a computer and monitor. How the times have changed. The computer I have know was built for me by my son and it already has a full hard drive. It sure hasn't taken me long to fill it up.
My copy of PS2 died on me. I deleted the copy and purchased a copy of PSE8. It is really nice and every thing I use is available to me and easy to use, after learning PS2. PS has a huge learning curve and it took me a year to learn and feel comfortable with it. I'm pretty sure I didn't learn to use more than 25% of the program, if that much. An old dog learning new tricks is still possible! I have notes all over my room that I have written to myself about how to do certain things with PS. Of course I can't ever find the ones I want but they are there.
Don't you just love those beautiful birds. If I could I would own a parrot and teach it to talk. They are so amazing to watch.