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Thursday, May 28, 2009

LIfe is luck!

My modum went out on Friday night and left me with a lot of unfinished business on line. Isn't that just the way things work? First you are putting right along doing just wonderful and suddenly something drops the rock that sticks in the gears and really messes up the weekend.
After receiving my new modum it took 2 hours to get it configured. It wasn't so very bad. I got to talk to Anna in Manila and a young man named Cornelius. They both were very nice and tried very hard to fix my problem with great results. I wish every day was this good.
I experimented with digital stamps over the weekend. I found that they work great with a thin coat of Gesso on the paper. The ink stays wet long enough to put embossing powder on with out ripping around the room like a monkey. I was very pleased. With the Gesso you get a really clear image if the printer is sit on coated paper. Kind of a neat thing if you are in a hurry and every one in five counties and four continents has seen all of your stamps. Just find an image and print it off and color it and you are ready to go. Dover has a bunch of book that would deliver some really neat images. As of now, digital stamps won't be replacing my good old rubber ones, just yet. But they are something to play with and the cost is minimal compared to most rubber stamps and the price of Gesso is still pretty darn cheap.
I'm off to rip apart more magazines for my art/collage class. Making a beautiful background is well worth the time put in at the easil.

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