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Friday, May 22, 2009

Painting class

I am taking a painting class, on line, from Julie Pritchard. The class is specializing in backgrounds for journal pages. Just call me a clod. I am having my problems with getting my paints light enough to start with. I am a tad heavy handed with my colors when it comes to mixing with white. Thank goodness for Gesso. So far I have used more Gesso than paint. The style is a bit grungy too. I have been reading discussions about trends and I have a suspicion that "grungy" is another one of those trends. Not really my style but I am determined to learn to paint grungy or else. Else and Gesso. How come instructors always make it look so simple?
I watched a woman take pieces of crept paper and whip up flowers, that were just beautiful, in less than 2 minutes each. Then I gave it a try........I discovered that none of my fingers work like hers. If work at all. My flower looked like that last bloom of the season after a snow storm. Don't get me wrong, all wasn't lost, my wire stem looked great.
Someone suggested that I get pictures of my new foster children (Jays). They both will be hopping around on the sidewalk and when I reach for the camera they both dive into the star jasmine vine. If anyone has raised a star jasmine vine they know that it is it's own little jungle with swinging vines and thick, thick leaves. It does smell nice though. The view just doesn't work for photography. But, I did see young fresh shoots of a tail feather on both of them. I just keep saying to them, "exercise those wings" and get out of Dodge........please.


  1. Congratulations on your NEW BLOG!!! And hooray for gesso... covers a world of trouble and makes a person feel very professional (and even smart) all at the same time... so much fun for so little money! I'll be checking back for pictures of the 'new foster children' and wish it were Smell-O-Vision, so the Star Jasmine could come wafting my way.... Must be delightful! Happy BLOGGING, and I've added you to my "favorites" for everyone else to enjoy your wonderful sense of self.

  2. You are very gracious. Thank you.