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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dulled Imagination

It has been a very slow and stunted weekend so far. I woke with enthusiasm which quickly waned when my feet hit the floor. There is that damn pain in my hip again. This time it was without any exertion other than dropping my feet off of the bed. It is getting worse every week. When is my surgical date? I see the cardiologist on Monday to finalize my OK for surgery. The closer I get to a date the more my stomach fills up with butterflies. I have to wonder what I am going to do with a date set in stone. Maybe the butterflies will procreate so much that I will lift off the ground. With my weight I won't lift much but the thought is rather funny. There I go, roughly six inches above the ground, just flying along. With just enough altitude to fall off of my feet and go "crunch" on the ground. Flying low like that isn't all it's cracked up to be. Hitting all of those speed bumps has got to hurt.
I did get a nice box today. I got 1# of stamps for $5.00 from Addicted to Rubber Stamps. I'm not sure what I was expecting but the stamps are in great shape. I found a little flaw in one of them and trimmed it off. Stamping is seldom perfect anyway. Or at least when I do it. I will be able to use all of the stamps. I kind of like those grab bag thingys you run into once in a while.
I guess I will toddle over and try to finish my little booklet I am making. I like easy things to putter with. After taking morphine for pain all day long my brain is pretty floppy by midnight. Not fit for acute thinking. Maybe I need a Tshirt with that on the front.
I am adding a picture of my layered background from my painting class. I have a lot of fun with that class and I am finally doing something I like. Gray isn't such a bad color and it will make a great background for collage.


  1. Beautiful layer love background! So happy to know you are enjoying the class, Sally!

    And ouch....I hope you get your hip fixed up soon.. xo

  2. Love your grey background! The texture is wonderful. Can't wait to see more of your art!

    You made me giggle with your description of flying at low altitude (giggle)

    Hope you feel better today!