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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rough to do

This is my first attempt at drawing a face on a collage background. I am looking for better. The card I did with Versafine ink and a great sunflower stamp. Can't remember who made the stamp right now.

In the past week I have had my surgical schedule finalized. The closer it gets to the time for surgery the queasier I get. Then a day like today comes along and I want to run and hide under the bed. Of course the giant dust bunnies would over take me in seconds. It doesn't matter much what or how many pain meds I take........I still hurt and not in a small area but an all over one. Which leaves me with wishing my surgical date was sooner. I have been dealing with this pain thing for 5 years now and each year it gets worse. It is really nasty now when the weather changes. Add a few high clouds or a thunderstorm or two and every joint and muscle in my body hurts. I can see why trying to treat Fibromyalgia is like digging a hole in the desert. Hard and useless. My symptoms of pain from my back have created a fibromyalgia type syndrom. My GP is against me having my surgery stating that he has seen very few that worked. Right now I would settle for 50% less pain than I have now and think it was wonderful. Maybe that is the key....start hurting and let it expand and consume your body and any relief is wonderful.
I have been really slow in my painting class. I haven't started lesson 7 yet. That was my ambition for the day and it has fallen to the wayside. Maybe tomorrow. It is a good thing Julie is so understanding. She is a great teacher if anyone wants to learn backgrounds. I am totally dependant on art to distract me from myself. Some days it works and some it doesn't. I am hoping to expand my art to doing some actual drawing on my backgrounds.
I must end this writing and have a rest. Enjoy your midweek.



  1. First - your art is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow - that's your first attempt? You are amazing.

    Second, you are in my prayers. You are very brave, and I hope that you end up wishing it was done sooner because you feel so great...



  2. Sorry for your pain. It's hard to deal with. Your course sounds really interesting and fun. This portrait is really great with strong darks it really jumps off the page. A terrfic job.