Authentic Badge

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This is the results of having a bunch of used stamps and a need to glue something down. I saw on another site a bird done similarly and decided that would be kind of cute. I glued a bunch of used stamps down and cut out the bird image and glued it over the stamps. It looked a bit funny so I glued it's feet back on. Funny how birds look so strange without feet. It isn't a great work of art but it was fun to do. My scanner didn't do it justice, since the colors are real bright.
I'm off to read some more of "In This House." It is really a neat book for collage fans. I just love glueing stuff. When I look at what artist do with paper I cringe and then decide I can do that......a ream of paper later I have a great appreciation for the artist.



  1. I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog! I really love this bird! What a great way to use the hoarded postage! Beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous! Your stamps are prettier and brighter than mine!! Let me know where you get your ephemera. You do beautiful work!