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Monday, June 22, 2009

Smearing all over

I have been painting on my assignment even thou the class has ended. I really enjoyed the class and learned how to smear paint the right way and get the looks I want. Thank you Julie.
I have had a little box around here for almost a year and finally decided to make a shrine. I thought I would look on the net and see what examples I could find. I have been living in the bowels of ignorance when it comes to shrines. I even found one made from a split walnut shell. It was actually very nice. I think my problem is I have no defined person, place, or thing to make the shrine for. I just want a generic shrine. This is going to be one of those fly by the seat of my pants things. What better way to learn than by the seat of my pants.
I have new neighbors moving in on both sides of me. It has been a really quiet place for about a year and boom both condos sold the same time. No more running out to the mail box in my boxer shorts and holey Tshirt. I don't want to scare them off before I meet them.
Last night about 2am my daughter came in from out front and said we had a Coyote casing the neighborhood. We've had a couple young gray squirrels frolicking around on the front lawn and I bet that canine wise guy is checking out a quick dinner of furry little meatballs. If you are wondering why my daughter was outside at 2am, she studies out side by the street light. We just call her the neighborhood watch.
Well, back to my projects. I am slow but steady. It must be the weather!


  1. G'day Sally
    and sorry for my delay but those last few posts on my blog caused an avalanche of mail LOL...famine to a feast as they say.Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment about leaving comments and my Angeina purse.Really when you use that iridescent film and Opals embossing enamel anything looks good but I love how the Opals have given it a textural feel :o).Hey Sally I love your paintings..I just did an on line class with Paulette Insall to learn how to draw and paint faces on canvas.I loved it.I'm a Registed Nurse here in Australia too :o)
    Annette In Oz

  2. Sally, welcome to blog land, It can definitely keep you busy and distracted in a good way. Love your daughters idea of studying under the street light! ha! And good luck with your upcoming surgery.

  3. Sally, I am keen on trying to make a shrine sometime too. I never really got it till I saw some lately on people's blogs and I just realised it is just a collection of treasures assembled to make them easily seen and enjoyed. It doesn't have to be a homage, it doesn't have to have a particular theme. If I made one myself I think I would start with one item that I really love and want to gaze upon, and then go from there.