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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finally a decision

My neurologist office called and they finally have every thing they need to go ahead and do my spinal reconstruction. The way my thumbs feel they will be next.
I have often wondered how people could get every thing done they had to do when they were so mangled with arthritis. Well, in the last 5 years, believe me, I know how. Not only is it difficult to hold a jar of pickles but it is almost impossible to open them. I am lucky I have very strong and large hands so I can put a grip on things. Or at least I thought I could. I have been using a very thick rubber band on the jar lids in order to open them. I think I paid about $5.00 for the band a few years ago as a donation to the Alzheimer's association. My mind is in tact but without the rubber band I would be screwed.
I wanted to take some real close shots of a few flowers I have growing in my yard. I got down on both knees and managed to get the shots but quickly found out I couldn't get up. No, I didn't fall and can't get up........I kind of dropped down but then I was stuck. I crawled around for a minute and then found something I could use to boost me back up. That board on the deck isn't so stable anymore. I must have gained a tad to much weight in the 5 years of non physical activity.
I will have to wear a brace, boob to butt type for 3-4 months when I'm up that is so I am hoping to be able to do my art projects. It is going to be a very long and hot summer with that brace on. There is one good thing about it, I don't have to did I get so tired of cooking?? I don't cook now either. I can't stand up right that long a period of time. Oh how my HD struggles with cooking for us. He is good at opening jars of spaghetti sauce but how many times a week can I eat spaghetti?
I bought a couple of CDs from Jessica so I can enhance my computer skills while I am stuck inside this summer. Her classes are excellent and I would advise anyone to use her excellent teaching skills. She makes learning to use Photoshop a joy.
Well, I am off to practice more art. I will eventually have more to post.

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  1. Wow Sally! That brace is going to be a bummer! It made me think of Frida Kahlo when you said it. It will be worth it though if the operation is a success. And think of all the art you can do!